Celebrate with the Best 4/20 Deals in New jersey at Earth & Ivy

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Every year, 4/20 rolls around, and cannabis enthusiasts around the globe feel the excitement. Special 4/20 events mark the occasion, people come together and celebrate their shared love of weed, and we all get to appreciate just how far we’ve come.

Not only do we have so many reasons to celebrate with more states going legal, but you can also get your hands on the best 4/20 dispensary deals. Earth & Ivy will be supporting the celebration with the best 4/20 dispensary deals in New Jersey. What is 420? What kind of 4/20 sales will you see? Find out below.

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What Does 420 Mean?

The 420 meaning has evolved over the years. What was once a code phrase used to indicate it was time to smoke weed secretly has evolved into a global celebration of cannabis culture. The 420 origins are said to stem from several origins. Some say it’s a police code for marijuana in progress, others link it to a Bob Dylan song. However, the most credible story traces it back to a group of best buds in California, who met at 4:20 pm to smoke. Today, April 20th marks a worldwide homage to cannabis.

Check Out the 420 Deals in New Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick, NJ Recreational Weed Dispensary - Earth & Ivy

We have big plans at Earth & Ivy for the entire week of 4/20. You won’t just see 4/20 deals at our dispensary on April 20th—we’ll have good deals and special 4/20 events all week. Here’s what we have in store so far.

From 4/14 – 4/20 Buy One, Get One For $1 Deals (can’t mix and match products)

For a full week, select products will be on sale for buy one get one for $1. For example, if you buy one 1906 Chill Tin, you can get your second for only $1. Other products that will be part of this 4/20 deal include:

  • Island Punch Wana Gummies
  • Ginger Peach Strips from Butacake
  • Candyland 8th from Elyon
  • Alien Fuel Kind Tree Cartridge
  • El Lechero 8th from Kind Tree
  • Florida Kush Littles 8th from The Botanist
  • Double Shot from Verano
  • And more!

Other Awesome 4/20 Deals

  • From 4/14 – 4/20 Spend $200+ and Get An Elyon or Feelz Pre-Roll for $1
  • 4/20 – Save 30% OFF STOREWIDE and Spend $50+ to be entered in a raffle to win a New Peak Pro Proxy

Find the Best 4/20 Deals in New Brunswick at Earth & Ivy

Whether it is 4/20 deals you’re looking for or good prices on cannabis any other day, be sure to visit us at Earth & Ivy. Be sure to keep an eye on our menu for even more 4/20 deals to come!

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