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ButACake is one of New Jersey’s top producers of cannabis edibles ranging from familiar favorites like baked goods to unusual offerings like infused elixirs. Operating for more than seven years, this still-growing organization has already made its mark on New Jersey and Delaware’s recreational and medical marijuana scene.

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Product Line

ButACake edibles are available in a few separate categories, though all are crafted from premium ingredients with top-quality regulated cannabis.

Baked Goods: ButACake baked goods are crafted with the same care and baking knowledge of the industry’s most capable cooks, combined with potent, effective THC. Options include familiar favorites like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, or mouthwatering and innovative alternatives, including the PB&J Brownie.

Oral Dissolvable Strips: One of the easiest and most discreet ways possible to enjoy cannabis, these carefully crafted strips simply dissolve on your tongue, directly infusing THC into your system. While they’re gone in just seconds, they leave behind pleasing and distinctive flavors like ginger peach.

THC Syrup: Add a cannabis boost to your favorite beverage, cocktail, or mocktail with ButACake’s THC-infused botanical syrups. Available in hibiscus and peach flavors, these unique blends are as tasty as they are effective. They’re perfect for cannabis lovers who’d like to customize their dosage, with options ranging from a hint of a buzz to a more potent experience.

ButACake Review

All you need to know about ButACake can be learned from its glowing reviews. On (the home of the brand), reviewers called the company an “amazing hidden gem” and praised its customer service, selection, and taste. One summed it up by saying “Butacake NEVER disappoints!”

Where to Buy ButACake in New Jersey

Come See Us!

ButACake cannabis products can be found at a moderate but growing number of dispensaries across the Garden State. These include options in the dense New York City suburbs, more rural parts of South Jersey, and everywhere in between. That means cannabis lovers are rarely far from a convenient spot to pick up their favorite ButACake weed edibles.

Buy ButACake at Earth & Ivy

While there may be plenty of options, the best choice is clear – Earth & Ivy, on George Street in downtown New Brunswick. This innovative newer entrant to New Jersey’s dispensary scene was started by former Division I college athletes who now work to help customers understand the important mental and physical health benefits of cannabis. In addition to their favorite ButACake edibles, shoppers can browse a diverse selection of flower, pre-rolls, vape products, concentrates, topicals, and more. Plus, they can rely on some of the industry’s best budtenders for friendly, prompt service and great recommendations. Stop in and see why Earth & Ivy has become the go-to spot for New Jersey cannabis lovers.

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