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Miss Grass

Miss Grass is a top producer of cannabis flower and pre-rolls, billing itself as “weed for the times.” This sustainably grown, terpene-rich flower is produced through careful partnerships with top growers, ensuring a consistent cannabinoid profile and effects every time.

Miss Grass CBD Pre-Rolls

Miss Grass

Product Line

Miss Grass splits its products into four categories based on their effects – Fast Times, Quiet Times, All Times, and Half Times.

Miss Grass Fast Times: These are Sativa-dominant strains designed to help cannabis lovers “bloom and play.”

Miss Grass Quiet Times: Billed as a way to “anchor and restore,” Quiet Times covers Miss Grass’ Indica-dominant varieties.

Miss Grass All Times: A more versatile style of cannabis, the appeal of All Times is right in the name – strains suitable for any situation.

Miss Grass Half Times: Perfect for those looking for a more moderate, chilled-out high, Half Times pre-rolls offer a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD.

Miss Grass pre rolls are between 0.3 and 0.5 grams each, perfect for a solo smoke or a quick toke with friends. Still, they’re sold in packs of up to five, meaning it’s easy to keep the session going if the mood is right. Some are “diamond-infused” with THCA for an extra boost. Miss Grass cannabis flower is sold in half-ounce sizes for those who want to stock up, as well as what the company calls “generous eighths,” weighing a whopping 4.2 grams each, compared to the typical 3.5.

But Miss Grass weed isn’t limited to the THC-heavy varieties. The company also produces federally legal, full-spectrum CBD hemp. It’s rolled up with adaptogenic and entheogenic food-grade herbs into convenient pre-rolls geared toward pleasure, calm, or balance.

Miss Grass Reviews

Miss Grass reviews show just how happy many cannabis lovers are with these high-end products. On Thingtesting, the company has a rating of 4.71 out of 5, with one Miss Grass All Times review calling it “perfect,” while another noted they only gave four stars “because I wish I could have more of it.” Several Reddit users also listed Miss Grass as their favorite preroll in New Jersey – A Miss Grass Quiet Times review said they “burnt perfectly and [were] easy to hit,” and one Miss Grass Fast Times review noted it “did the trick.”

Where to Buy Miss Grass in New Jersey

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Miss Grass weed is available in numerous states that have legalized cannabis, including the Garden State. Several dozen dispensaries around New Jersey sell Miss Grass pre rolls and other products. Most are clustered in the New York City and Philadelphia suburbs, though options along the Shore and in South and Northwest New Jersey are also available. This means tokers looking to give their own Miss Grass pre-rolls review likely won’t have to travel far from home to do it.

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